A night to remember
Álbum: TBA
Estreno: TBA
De: High Scholl Musical 3
Interpretada por: Shannon, Mariah, Bree y New Directions
Solos: Roderick, Skylart, Jane, Madison, Kitty, Myron, Mason, Spencer, Alistair, Shannon, Bree y Mariah
Lugar: TBA
Episodio: Preparativos para el baile

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Roderick-Guess now it's oficial? Can't back now, can't back now


Madison, Kitty y Jane-Gettin' ready for the night of nights The night of nights alright

Myron-Don't panic

Roderick y Mason-Panic!!!!!!!

Spencer-Now do we have to dress up for the prom

Alistair-Dude, I don't think we have a choice

Jane-Yeah it's the night of all night

Kitty-Gotta look just right

Madison-Dressin' to impress the boys

Mason-Do I want classic or vintage or plaid

Myron y Skylart-Where's the mirror?

Roderick-I think this tux is too baggy

Alistair y Spencer-To night It makes me look weird

Jane-Should I go movie star glamorous

Kitty-Sassy or swett

Madison-Don't know but no one better wear the same dress as me

Los 6-Is the night of our nightmares

Las 3-t's the night for our dreams

Los 6-It's too late to back out of it

Las 3-Hey, makeovers , massages

Los 6-Don't know what a corsages is

Las 3-Been waitin all our lives for this

Todos-It's gonna be a night (Can't wait)

To remember (oh, man)

C'mon now, big fun (alright)

It's gonna be the night (I guess)

To last forever (lucky us)

We'll never, ever, ever, forget!

Bree Shannon y Mariah-Gettin' ready Get ready

Get, a-gettin' ready, ready Get ready Gettin' ready Here we go

Get, a-gettin' ready, go

X-Hey you been in there an hour man

Bree-So, what should I do with my hair?

Shannon-Where's my shaver?

Marih-Oohh, i love it

Shannon-I look like a waiter.

Bree y Mariah-Should I fluff it?

Los 3-It's getting later, already should be there.

Chicos-Her mother opens the door, I'm shaking inside

Chicas-He's here, it's time, the hours arrived.

Chicos-Don't know why, her father's staring me down?

Chicas-Where's my purse? Lip gloss? Now I'm really freaking out.

Chicos-Then something changes my world The most beautiful girl right in front of my eyes

Todos-It's gonna be a night (Oh Yeah!)

To remember (That's for sure)

Come on now, big fun (Alright!)

It's gonna be the night (Yeah tonight)

To last forever (forever more)

We'll never, ever, ever, forget.

Chicos-Who's that girl? (She's so fine)

Chicas-Who's that boy? (I remember now)

Chicos-Who's that girl? (She looks so good, yeah)

Todos-Yes you'll never really notice, but you probably should.

Big fun, on the night of nights (alright!)

The night of nights, tonight Let's dance

On the night of nights

You know were gonna do it right It's gonna be a night to remember

It's gonna be the night to last forever

It's gonna be our night to remember

It's gonna be the night to last forever (last forever)

It's gonna be our night (you know it)

To remember (all time)

Come on now, big fun (to remember)

It's gonna be the night (love it)

To last forever (the rest of our lives)

We'll never, ever, ever, forget It's gonna be our night (oh yeah)

All together (say it loud)

Come on now, everyone (that's right)

It's gonna be a night (yeah tonight)

To remember (hear the crowd)

And never, ever, ever, never, ever, ever

Never, ever, never, ever, ever, forget!

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High School Musical 3 - A Night To Remember03:55

High School Musical 3 - A Night To Remember

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