Up in the air/Hurricanes and suns
Álbum: TBA
Estreno: TBA
De: Thirty seconds to mars/Tokio Hotel
Interpretada por: New Directions
Solos: Mason, Skylart, Myron, Madison y Roderick
Lugar: TBA
Episodio: Chico ignorante y obsesionado

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've been up in the air, Out in my head, Stuck in a moments of emotions i destroyed

Skylart y Mason:

Is this the end? I feel


Up in the air, fucked up on life, All of the laws i've broken love thaf i sacrificed is this the end?


I'll wrap my hand around you neck so tight with love, love


Come pain, come hurt

See the halo, ha-ha-halo,

Come pain, come hurt,

See the halo,ha-ha-halo, hey, hey, hey, hey


First the world that i understand

Roderick y Madison:

Has the feel we live


It's a matter coming time

But together we'll be fine,

Hey, let's go with a smile, into the, into the end


A thousand times i temped fate

A thousand times i played this game

Athousand times

Athousand times i have said, today, today, today,

Whooooo, oh, oh, oh, oh, whoooo, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh


I been up n the air (Oohh)


Come pain, come this te end? I feel, up in the air, chasing a dream so real


See the halo, halo


I've been up in the air


I'll wrap my hands around you neck, neck, neck, neck, up in the air, chasing a dream, chasing a dream...........



Follow the halo (x2)

Till the sun goes down,

Till the end of time

See the halo, halo, haloooo,

Till the suns goes down

Til the end of time

Till the halo, halo, haloooo

Come pain, see the halo, ha-ha-halo,

Come pain, see the halo-ha-ha-halo, hey hey hey

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